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"Painting releases not only mind, but soul."-Sir Frank Dicksee   
11:47pm 02/07/2003
mood: artistic
The finer things in life: the arts. Nothing fills my heart with more joy; the texture, the color, the imagination of art.
This is a piece I have been working on since this war on terrorism started. Currently not finished, but what art really is? ;)
Called WAR
I want more bright reds in it.
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Hello, I'm John, nice to meet you.   
04:46pm 07/06/2003
mood: blah
I don't really know what I want to put in here yet, lots of yelling whining pissing and moaning I am sure, and maybe some art and poems. I just woke up so my mind is not functioning and I really need a shower to wash this dried make up off me. Later I will be more productive, I hope.

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